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November 4th, 2015

11:34 am - To never forget
It is remembrance day this Sunday.
It is a day to remember all those who died in war, all those people who served their country and lost their lives in the process.
It is not a day of cut a dried emotions, nor a day for war mongering or jingoistic proclamations.
It is a day to remember.

In many ways I am lucky as none of my direct family lost their lives to conflict. My paternal grandfather never got posted to a battle zone and my maternal grandfather survived north Africa and the advance through Italy during the second world war.
Both my parents survived the Blitz (my father's earliest memory is watching a V1 doodlebug fly across the skyline of London), as did my grandmothers.

Since then non of my family have served in the armed forces.

We avoided the troubles in Northern Ireland, the war for the Falklands, wars in the gulf, peacekeeping in the former state of Yugoslavia, the invasion of Afghanistan and a number of other smaller conflicts our nation has been involved in.

Personally I rarely wear a poppy, although I do usually buy one or contribute in some way to the charities that help service men who have suffered due to the conflicts they have endured.

My reasons for not always wearing one are complex, and does not mean I do not mean I do not have a very high level of respect for people who are willing to lay down their lives for what they believe in. They are braver people than I.

My lack of direct connection means I will not be remembering those close to my family who were lost, but all people who laid down their lives for a better world, let us keep striving to make that world come true one day.

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October 1st, 2015

11:24 pm - Been a long since I rock n rolled

It has been a while since I wrote on these once busy walls, and I doubt I will now start writing that frequently, but I just felt the need to write more than a normal facebook note.
I think I can safely say my mid life isn't going great.

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So that is the current state of me. No matter the things I have done to try and improve me and my life, things just appear to get worse; but don't worry, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying. Tomorrow is a new day and things will be done.

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November 6th, 2013

10:47 pm - Been a while
So my life is complex, and generally good.
Not smoked in over a year, drinking less (but still too much) and I have a sort of girlfriend.
She is a lovely, pocket sized, Brazilian girl whom currently lives in Dublin.
I like her a lot, we get on great and we share similar political values and our musical tastes are pretty much interchangeable. She's also very, very cute and... well there are somethings I can't type for decencies sake :)
Do I love her?
I'm not sure I know what love is any more. After Karen everything has been such a melange of emotions I can't trust my own feelings, more often than not. All I do know is that I have this person, who moved half way round the world to be closer to me, who loves my voice, my guitar playing and just will not give up on me almost no matter how messed up I am.
Do I love her? Well I could answer that in so many ways, technical human biology that it's all just chemical impulses to the brain, love is a just a concept born out of justification of lust, lal, la , la.
What I do know is I respect her, and I hope that when she reads this she understands that she means more to me than anyone else in this world bar my son and my parents (and possible my sister, but don't tell my sister that).
In the last year or so I have met so many amazing people, but only one has made me feel really special

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July 22nd, 2013

07:39 pm - Del Toro and the Smurfet
So the other weekend I took my son to see Pacific RIm. Which is a most enjoyable action movie for those who are fans of giant robots battling with giant monsters.

Guillermo del Toro is a very fine director and really knows how to make things look amazing. Ok, so the science side of things is not exactly solid, and the back plot is not very original and some of the acting is a bit wooden, but ti's an action movie, what do you expect?

The bit that has stuck in the back of head as not right is the fact that the leading lady is a bit of a smurfette. To understand what I mean by this, just follow the link below.

Yes, the character is strong and kicks ass with the best of em, but there is still only one female character of any note and she is saved by the men in her life.

Now I know it's only an action movie and really, what do you expect, but then I remember Aliens. That was only an action movie and everyone who survives is saved by a woman.

Ok, it's a small, but relevant point about how hollywood is probably actually going backwards in terms of female representation in this sort of film. I even started thinking what the film would have been like if she'd been the principle character rather than the man, both had good back stories. I think it could have possibly made it a better film.

Anyway, go watch if you've not seen already, but Pan's Labyrinth is a much better del Toro film all round and has properly strong female characters.

For more about tropes, just follow the link, which is also very entertaining :)


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July 6th, 2013

10:24 am - Still here
Hello LJ my old friend. I am sorry for ignoring you these last few months but I've been a tad busy, I'm sure you understand.

My life is about the same as it was:

I'm technically single but I do have this on line relationship with a lovely, if crazy, Brazilian girl (who's relocating to Dublin to be closer to me; I told you she was crazy) .

Other than that all is kinda good.

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December 30th, 2012

07:47 pm - Should have been the worst film ever, but wasn't.
Hollywood really does green light some dumb ideas for films.
If someone came to me with a film idea based around the idea that Osama Bin Laden had come back as a Zombie to lead zombie hordes across Afghanistan I would have laughed you away.
It's an awful idea, you just know it'll end up being a low budget film that non of the cast and crew care about with rubbish actors and dreadful special effects.
The film title didn't help much either - Osombie

What seems to have happened is that all involved in the film tried their hardest to make the best film they could. 
The plot, despite the rubbish premise, is good. The acting is solid and even strong in places. The action sequences are good (with some excellent sword play at times) and they seem to make the most of their low budget. One example of this is their use of CGI aircraft. All done in silhouette to keep the detail and thus cost done, still looked fake, but I've seen much worse.

It is still only a zombie movie, so if ya not a fan of the genre then don't bother.
I'm also not going to say it's a must see Zombie film, it's no zombie land, but it's not far off.

I think it deserves a six out of ten, which is the same as the Hobbit. Osombie punches way above it's own weight and should have been rubbish. The Hobbit had the budget to be much better.

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December 28th, 2012

11:30 am - The Hobbit and 3D films
I went to see The Hobbit the other day. Must say I was just going to let it pass by but a bunch of friends were going so I tagged along.
Glad I did as it is a jolly fun film. 3 hours is a tad long and you could say it starts a bit slow but I quite enjoyed the pacing. It must definitely had a better end than the LOTR films tended to have.
Now I've never read the book so I can't comment on how much it differs from it, all I can say is enjoyed it.
Where it did fall down was on technical aspects. It had been shot in a very high frame rate which managed to make real things (like the actors) look a bit too real next to the special effects (pretty much everything else). There were bits of it where it looked more like a LARP documentary made by the BBC rather than a big budget film. The sound also suffered at points when the dialogue sounded like it was going on in a TV studio rather than on top of a mountain.
Then we get onto the use of 3D. Now I've not seen a film in 3D since Jaws 3 (which is rubbish) and I've been somewhat reluctant to try it again. First off we were sat too far forward so our sense of perspective was wrong which did make bits of it look a bit fake. Other time the having bits fly by your head was just a bit irritating and distracting. Rather than make it look more real it made it look more fake.
Bits of it worked very well (Rivendale looked amazing) but all in all I could have done without it. 
So as a film I'd give it 6 or 7 out of 10. Worth watching but nothing that special. 

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October 21st, 2012

05:53 pm - A year already.
It's been just over one year since I left my previous employer whom I hated.
Just over one year since I accepted a job with JCB.
Just over a year since I found out that dravenxivwas pregnant and I was going to be a father again.
Since then we lost the babies and then seemed to lose each other.
The year has not been all bad, both of us are much happier apart than we were together.
I miss having her around sometimes and I miss the house and when she started seeing someone else it did send my head in a spin.
The one thing we still have is our friendship, and that means the world to me.

May the next twelve months be as interesting but hopefully less of a head f*ck ;)

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October 10th, 2012

06:35 pm - You hate cheese and mushrooms to?
On sunday I met a young woman for coffee, apparently I wasn't allowed to call it a date cos that would be too scary.
It was jolly good fun and I think we can safely say we got on, even if nerves were evident.
Crux of the evening came when she said 'I rather do like being single' (or words to that effect), ah well, back to the dating sites.
Actually that's not really the end of it as we move in similar musical circles and I'm sure we'll see each other in some capacity.
Smashing girl mind, piano player. She also hates cheese and mushrooms :)

Anyway, not long after I got in from this I get a call from the estranged wife as she's on her way to hospital with suspected appendicitis so off I trot in the small hours to hold her hand while they wait to process her through so I got home at 5 in the morning. 
Since then I've been somewhat out of sorts with reality until I get some sleep back.

Safe to say this week so far has been odd

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September 29th, 2012

10:45 am - Caffeine and sleep
So I've given up caffeine. Before you all cry out 'but how can you give up caffeine, I couldn't cope without my first cup of...' just ask yourselves why?
Can you even remember what it was like to not have caffeine in your life. What is it we need from this stimulant?
Actually you could broaden this to must stimulants we have on a daily basis. 
Anyway, I've given the stuff up, well apart from in chocolate, but I don't have that everyday :)

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